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    Intel GMA X4500M Resolution


      I have a Lenovo laptop computer with a 1280x800 display running Windows XP and Linux. On Windows, the maximum resolution is only 1024x768 using either Lenovo's driver or Intel's latest driver. If I enter a "custom resolution" of 1280x800x32@58/60 in Intel's control panel or QRes.exe, I get an "invalid resolution" error. However, if I launch a game such as Team Fortress 2 and set the resolution to 1280x800, the resolution is set and remains after I quit the game. Is there a way that I can get 1280x800 to show up as a native resolution?

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          I think that the problem was strangely fixed by turning the computer off (with power button) when Team Fortress 2 had loaded at 1280x800. For anyone who wants to try this to fix their problem, keep launching with no parameters (no -w 1280 -h 800 etc). Half the time it will load at 640x480. Launch it until you get 1280x800, lock XP (that's how mine was; I have the Ctrl-Alt-Delete combo enabled) and turn it off. I've rebooted 5 times since and it's been at 1280x800 each time.

          Fixed: Go to device manager and change all displays from LCD ([resolution]) to Plug and Play. This enables programs to detect the native resolutions; otherwise, Windows just tells everything [resolution].