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    E3800 CPU hung without any logs



        device hardware:

           CPU: E3827 running in 1.74GHz

           Memory: DDR3 2GB 1333

           storage: SSD

           MIPI CSI used to import another video


      device software:

          OS: Linux 3.8.0

          X.Org X Server 1.13.3, X protocol ver 11, rev 0

          EMGD driver 2.0.3790

          CSI driver isp 3.01



           An application running with composing video from CSI for several days or more, software(including linux) down was found 1~2 times in 5~10 devices, screen is black with some lines flash, mouse and keyboard is not functioned, no output in debug UART, no data traffic in network output, when connecting the faulted device in a switch, network communication will be broken for all other normal devices in the same switch. No log found in linux when restart the device. the CPU temperature is normal.

          When testing without CSI function, the bug was not found.


         Because all the system is hung, don't have any method to debug.



          How to debug and how to resolve the problem?




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