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    Warranty question (situational issue)


      Hi guys, so before I ask my question about the warranty, I'll explain the story really quick




      So a bit ago (somewhere from 6-9 months) I purchased a CPU from microcenter (i54690k). I never purchased the microcenter warranty.


      2 months later computer kept booting off for no reason. A day after that booting incident, computer would just not turn on fully. It would boot and beep, go through the startup cycle, but then shut off right before I could even get to BIOS.

      I spent a few days tampering around searching for the problem, and after testing my GPU, Ram, and making sure my PSU and Motherboard were fine, I had one last part to check. I swapped out my i5 4690k with an older i5 4430 from my workstation and it worked, so I assumed something was wrong with the i5 4690k.


      Now my issue was, because I didn't purchase the MICROCENTER warranty, I thought that I wasn't able to get my i5 4690k checked out or at least replaced because I didn't have it covered.

      Well recently after shopping for a GTX 1060, I learned that the warranty for microcenter is just a hassle free method of replacing my i5, because they do all the work for you, but my actual warranty from intel is still valid. So even if I didnt buy it at the store I can still deal with intel to hopefully settle something.




      Now I ordered my CPU under a year ago online through microcenters website, so then I could pick it up at the store. I have a picture on my phone of the order placed, and all the contents : (i5 4690k, z97x-SLI mobo, Hyper 212 evo fan).

      However now I can't find the CPU box that it originally came with. I only have the CPU, the stock fan, my evo and it's box, and my motherboard and it's box.


      1) Will this be enough for a possible replacement? (Is it enough to be counted as proof of purchase, if I were to like show the order and then show all the items I bought in a picture side by side)

      2) What would be the process of me doing this? (Do I email them first and then discuss it, is there a website/link I need to go to enter information about this?)


      I've attempted to contact a Intel Member through chat support but they're not open on sat/sunday.. and i've searched around the intel site for something but couldn't get a direct answer to my situation :/ I saw a place where I enter info on my CPU and the Box but as I said i dont have the box.