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    One of the raid 1 disk is failed how should i proceed


      I am using asus P8Z77-V motherboard and i have setup the raid in the begining from computer start up CTRL-I



      Now i have ordered another identical driver and copied all files in the left raid drive to new drive



      However i still not added the new drive to the raid build



      Here the tricky part. I suspect the other drive can also have problem. Thus, i want to verify it



      In order to do so, i have to delete the raid volume or not?



      If i delete the raid volume from CTRL-I in the start up, how can i setup the raid 1 again without data loss again?



      So how should proceed? Just add the new drive to the current raid configuration from Intel Matrix Storage manager or delete the volume from boot CTRL-I , check the disk and recompose raid 1?



      thank you



      Windows 8.1



      Intel Raid Storage Manager



      By the way the broken disk was SeaGate ST3000DM001 - it wasn't even 2 years old