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    DPTF is causing my CPU to run at 0.96ghz after gaming


      Recently, an error has started to pop up regarding DPTF, that causes my cpu to run at 0.96ghz.


      Here's the log in event viewer:


      Intel(R) Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework : ESIF(8.1.10605.221) TYPE: ERROR


      DPTF Build Version:  8.1.10605.221
      DPTF Build Date:  Oct 23 2015 12:24:15
      Source File:  ..\..\..\..\Sources\Policies\ConfigTdpPolicy\ConfigTdpPolicy.cpp @ line 183
      Executing Function:  ConfigTdpPolicy::onDomainPowerControlCapabilityChanged
      Message:  dataLength is invalid.
      Participant:  TCPU [8]
      Domain:  PKG [0]
      Policy:  ConfigTDP Policy [0]


      Things that I have tried:

      sfc /scannow

      Installing a newer dptf driver for my device

      Finding ConfigTdpPolicy.cpp (without success)

      Reinstalling Windows 10 on another hard disk

      Flashing the BIOS


      Some useful information I have gathered lately:

      The bug does not happen on Windows 7 (or is at least, less prevalent).

      The bug persisted after a new os installation and BIOS flashing, and hence might not be a software or firmware one.

      The model of my laptop is an ASUS S550CM

      The error does not cause the speed of the CPU to be unchangeable when it happens when the CPU is running at 1.87ghz or 2.6+ghz, and only when it is running at 0.96ghz

      CPU usage is limited to 40% when the bug is active, showing that it should be a DPTF issue.


      I've posted this topic on the Microsoft forums: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/dptf-is-causing-my-cpu-to-run-at-096-ghz-after/e…

      I'll be grateful if anyone has useful information for me, thanks!