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    Can not connect gateway to internet


      Hi All,

      I have been struggling with this for a few days and I really could use some help.

      I'm sure its pretty simple but I can not figure it out.


      I am trying to connect my dell gateway (running windriver) to the internet in my home network to work on the kit.


      When i tried to connect the gateway to my work modem it worked find so the modem is fine.


      When i connect it to my modem/router at home, i can not access the internet.


      I am connecting the gateway via network cable to the modem. It gets an ip address but does not have internet access (I connected to it via putty and couldng ping

      I tried changing my router to be a bridge and change the wan to be PPPoE but it wouldnt connect with the same credentials that i am using in the router.


      Can anyone think of anything i might be missing?