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    Installing Intel NVMe driver on Windows 10 Anniversary Update creates Event Log Errors - "The system could not sucessfully load the crash dump driver."


      I did a clean install 4 times trying to find the source of the following errors I was getting in my event log:


      Event ID:  45

      Log Name:  System

      Source:  volmgr

      Level:  Error


      The system could not sucessfully load the crash dump driver.


      Event ID:  46

      Log Name:  System

      Source:  volmgr

      Level:  Error



      Crash dump initialization failed!


      And then a repeat of the first error a couple of seconds later.


      I eventually narrowed the cause down to installing the driver NVMe driver for the Intel 750 SSD.  Uninstalling the driver makes the errors go away.


      I suspect it's related to this issue:

      Intel nvme driver for Windows is not Microsoft signed


      I also have issues now installing AOMEI Backupper 3.5 Standard for similar reasons.  Certain drivers in it won't install because they are not digitally signed, though it worked fine on Windows prior to the Anniversary update.  It looks like the Anniversary Update is a LOT harsher about making sure everything is signed. 


      I suspect is causing a similar problem with the crash dump driver, but (at least to me) it's not giving a helpful message about the digital signature the way the AOMEI driver installation attempts did.


      I will add that, when I installed the driver,  I got a ton of messages in the Event log about the SSD device not able to be removed because of a 101 different running processes - however, I'm pretty sure I always saw those messages whenever installing this driver on older versions of Windows, and they didn't seem to cause any lasting problems then.


      Relevant System Specs:

      ASUS Rampage V Extreme motherboard

      Intel i5930k processor

      Intel 750 SSD

      Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Update 1637, all current (as of 08/13/2016 11am EST) updates applied.


      Seeing as the poster in that other thread didn't have issues with the previous Intel NVME driver, I'll try installing and report back.