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    Chipset Z170 and PCIe Video Capture Card PEXHDCAP60L from Startech


      I have a PCI video capture PEXHDCAP60L from Startech. The card is working well with a Dell XPS8700, i7 4700 CPU, 16 Gig RAM, Window 10 (last update done), chipset Z87 on this motherboard. When moving the video capture card on a Dell XPS8900, i7 6700K CPU, 32 Gig RAM, Window 10 (last update done), chipset Z170 on this motherboard, the card do not work. Information from the system tell an error code 10 for it. I tried two available PCI slot and each one show the same problem. Since august the first, I work with Dell technical team and with Startech technical agent without finding a solution. Is somebody has had the same issue or have a solution? THANK