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    i5 760 overclocking advice


      I decided to overclock my CPU, nothing too much, just to get him a bit "alive", it's 5+ years old.

      In my research i found that Intel don't allow on consumer/server board overclock, you can overclock it just a bit.

      And i managed to OC CPU to 3.6Ghz (180*20 ) getting RAM to 1440Mhz.(multiplier set to 8)

      Because i5 760 max RAM speed is 1330Mhz(i found this in specs), does that mean that i now overclocked RAM also, or just i increase max RAM speed.

      It makes me confused.


      PC specification:

      Intel DP55WG

      i5 760

      8GB 1600Mhz Elixir

      HD 6870 Powercolor