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    NUC6i7KYK (Skull Canyon) Freezes




      I just received my skull canyon NUC 2 days ago, and yesterday i installed the RAM and SSD to test things out. Installation of w10 went flawless and personalizing it aswell.
      But when i started up World of Warcraft to test out some graphics, it froze. I've updated the graphics driver, tested both the HDMI port and DisplayPort, updating the chipset drivers and everything. Nothing works, i can play about 5-10 minutes then it freezes and i have to hard reboot.

      I have the Samsung 950 Pro 512gb as SSD and as RAM i'm using Corsair 2133mhz 2x16gb (32gb total). I've seen some other posts online about people experiencing the same thing but haven't found a solution to the problem.
      I also checked the CPU temperature as i played and it rises significantly. It idles at about 70 degrees celsius (kind o high imo) and as i played it rised to above 80 to then freeze and require a hard reboot.
      If i'm not playing any games it works just fine, so seems like me some overheating problem. I'm running it in a cool environment aswell, about 18-20 degrees with loads of space aswell...




      What the hell?

      is there a solution to this or do i need to go back with it and just hope the next one i get works?
      Very disappointed with the Skull Canyon atm...