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    intel 5500graphics driver is not compatible with game: CnC tiberium wars.


      new laptop asus x555lab core i5-5200U windows 10 cannot play CnC tiberium wars or its expansion kanes wrath, the game crashes while starting up with the message "exception in exception handler". after looking online the cause seems to be that its not compatible with the 5500 graphics driver and the best solution is to update the drivers, I have done this and am currently sitting on Beta_15. the latest version available from intel however the problem still persists (the driver information even says it fixes crashes and problems with some games). i have even downloaded and run multiple slightly older graphics drivers .4463 .4425 and even .4256 but no luck.


      my laptop can run games much older than CnC and ones brand new, ive tried running the game in all windows compatability modes and even using different startup options. I'm certain it must be a problem with the graphics driver but i don't know what to try next, many people have encountered this problem with no solution. any help or suggestions would be appreciated as i have run out of options.


      thanks in advance