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    Very LOW Read/Write speeds on Intel 1500 Pro Series M.2 SSD drive.


      I'm having an issue with an Intel 1500 Pro series 120 GB "M.2" SSD drive.  "The firmware is LH9i and setup for AHCI in the Bios." My benchmarks are coming up "way" short of the advertised read/write speeds of 540/480 MB/s. My speeds are (Read/Write of 262/92 MB/s) using 3 different benchmark utilities, (AS Benchmark : CrystalDisk : IO Meter).  My notebook is an HP Elitebook 9480m with the latest Bios 1.36. This Intel drive is being used to install the OS only. I also have a Samsung 850 Pro 1TB for data currently removed from the system till I get this sorted. I also have the latest Intel INF, Intel RST, and Intel SSD Toolbox 3.3.6 (which says No Opal installed) on a Windows 10 Pro x64 bit system....Any help will be appreciated. Thx -Dell