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    probook 6560b hd 3000 driver issues windows 7




      I have a HP Probook 6560b with a HD3000.


      I had to reinstall from scratch windows seven (pro 64) and after the complete installation I've had to install the graphic card driver.


      Whatever version I install, when I boot, the display is completely messed up (mixing colors, bilking boxes etc...) + freeze of the computer.

      on hard reboot, the only way to get back to something working is to roll back to VGA generic driver in safe mode.


      I've tested with an external monitor (DVI port) and got a dual display as perfect as one can hope to have. BUT

      - if I hot unplug the external monitor, the internal display of the laptop goes back to its weird behaviour (and then roll back to previous state)

      - if I reboot, with the external monitor connected it works (it has worked one time )

      - If i plug the external monitor after boot (testing if the second monitor detection will solve it) does not change anything.


      I must also mention that this machine has the UEFI part of its bios disable.

      The system is on dualboot with KXstuio (a derivate of unbuntu), and Linux does not suffer any of the above issues.


      any idea ?


      Best regards