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    Onboard GPU Problem


      Motherboard ASUS H110M-K

      Processor Intel Skylake, Core i5 6402P

      Memory Crucial 8GB DDR4 2133MHz

      Until yesterday i was playing Cs:Go using the onboard graphic from intel (HD 510). The game was running pretty well except when seeing smokes, and i tried to verify if it will run better with my older GPU...Nvidia 9500 GT. I wasn't satisfied with how it was working, and took it off.

      Now, after i took it off i have a stupidly lower fps even in the menu ( 30 ) and before was ( @ 120 ), and ingame was @ 100 and now i get @ 50.


      Things i tried :

      Update BIOS

      Update windows to latest version.

      Made system restore and uninstalled the drivers to use the Microsoft Basic Display Driver, and then installed the latest driver from Asus. And i updated every driver i could find on Asus website.

      I went to BIOS and made it to use the CPU graphics, and even changed the "memory size" to 1024, but it ran the same.

      I went again and changed it to 256MB, it runs the same...but in cpu-z it tells me i still have 1024 MB.


      Can someone help me? I don't know what to do anymore.

      Also...other games seems to work pretty well...and in CS:GO if i change the resolution, the fps gets to @ 70 in menus. But it still runs worse than before putting that GPU.