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    Need help to start Intel Quark x1000 based custom board




      I have plan to start development on Intel Quark X1000 based our custom board for one of IoT based Product. I have some Intel Galileo Gen 2 development boards which is Intel Quark x1000 based boards. I have created kernel images and rootfs file system using Yocto Linux Build system and also started board with my custom zImage and rootfs file system through SD card interface.


      So, board is started successfully with my custom Linux Kernel image and core image minimal rootfs file system which works fine without any issue.


      After that, I have looked some parts of Grub Loader, BIOS settings and Cap file to understand boot up sequence of board before starting kernel image. I have also tried to look about how BIOS and Grub loader is flashed into SPI Flash memory which is 8 MB flash memory but not found much details for that.


      Please provide me how BIOS and Grub Loader is working and board is starting to load kernel image from SD card as I need to plan to create same setup on my custom board with Intel Quark x1000 SoC.


      Please let me know if anyone has any document or idea to do it.



      Ritesh Prajapati