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    Edison - OS X - Checking WiFi Network Indefinitely


      I downloaded the Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool and proceeded to flash the latest firmware to my Edison, everything went well. I then set up the device name and SSH passwords followed by the WiFi.


      Everything was set up and I was starting to use the Arduino editor to test out some sample code. I then unplugged my Edison without ejecting the device from Finder.


      After that, every time I try to connect it fails, worse still, when I try to re-run the Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool, about half the time the firmware reports as the latest version (great!) but then proceeds to check the SSH password and WiFi and proceed to never complete the "Checking WiFi Network" action, the gear just spins forever.


      The other half of the time the firmware version reports as "undefined" and when attempting to re-flash it, after the image is expanded and my Edison is restarted, I am back to the first problem again.


      There was one time where, after about half an hour, the WiFi detection finished and gave me an IP, but the SSH reported as not enabled!?


      Please help!