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    Trying to upgrade from P4


      I am running a Dell 8300 with a P4 processor and would like to upgrade to an Intel Core 2 Duo and I need help with finding one that will work. I have found quite a few with 478 pin configs, but not sure if there is more that I need to know than that. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. The only thing holding back the system is the processor.


      Thank you.

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          First off, please let us know what P4 processor you currently have.  If you right mouse click on My Computer and select Properties, it will show up on the General Tab.  Second, all Core 2 Duo are Socket LGA775, so upgrading using the motherboard you have is impossible.


          Also, the Dell Case is designed for that specific motherboard, so fitting a new motherboard that is not like the one that you have will be impossible from the standpoint of the lack of an I/O Shield in the case.  All motherboards have a different placement of the I/O connectors so if the case does not have a removable shield, you are out of luck.


          Some additional things to consider is that you will need new memory, video card, power supply, etc.  So, if you are really wanting to upgrade to later technology you should consider either buying or building a whole new system.


          Now, based on your actual computer specifications, there are upgrades that you can do with your current system and it may run Windows 7 32-bit just fine.  Looking forward to seeing your actual specifications.

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            Thanks for the input, I found some 478 pin connectors but was informed that they will not work. As for the processor, it says Intel(R) Penium(R) 4CPU 3.0GHz.

            The entire problem lies with the processor, I play online games and the newer games are requiring a minimum of Core 2 Duo processors.

            My computer itself runs great. OS is Windows XP and I have 4.0gb of ram, it only recognizes 3.25gb, I have a 500w Power supply, running an ATI 4600 1gb video card, and a 160 HD. The only original hardware is the mobo. Since my last post I decided to "build" a system online and have a new one coming from IBuilders.com.


            I appreciate the time you took to offer some insight.


            Thank You

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              You could get a Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 3.4, this was probally the fast chip in Socket 478.


              It would be quite good as it's a rebadged Xeon, it has Hypertreading and 2Mb of L3 Cache.