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    Need 32-bit Drivers For A New Dell Inspiron 5558 Notebook Computer Intel Serial IO Host Controller


      Had to do a fresh install of 32-bit Windows 10 Professional (the latest "Anniversary Update", version 1607) on a new Dell Inspiron 5558 notebook and everything works like a charm except that I can't find the correct 32-bit drivers for the Intel Serial IO host controller.  The Intel website lists a "Serial IO Driver for Windows 10" with a driver version 1.3 dated 7/17/2015 but it's 64-bit only.  But because of a unique requirement this computer has to have 32-bit Windows 10 on it so to satisfy a complaining Device Manager I have to have 32-bit drivers for the hardware.  I've looked around in the BIOS but I see no option to disable the afore-mentioned hardware functions so that's not an option.  Also, Dell does not list a 32-bit version either, so that's a non-starter as well.  If anybody could point me toward the 32-bit version of the drivers (which have to be hiding on the Intel site somewhere) I would appreciate it.  See the screen shots below for details.  Thanks in advance.

      Dev Mgr 1.jpgDev Mgr 2.jpgDev Mgr 3.jpg