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    Overheating i5-4690k: Support not working and I need to RMA


      My i5-4690k CPU runs very hot under load and gaming. Core temperatures different from each other over 30c, ex. core 0 runs at 99c and thermal throttles and core 3 runs under 70c (see picture 1). CPU is running at stock BIOS settings and is not overclocked. Tests were run with Prime95 for 15minutes. IBT skyrocketed core 0 to 100c in a second.


      Things that I have tried:

      • Reset BIOS several times. No effect.
      • Tested newest Beta BIOS F8d. No effect.
      • Tested with XMP enabled and disabled. No effect.
      • Modified settings according to this guide: https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-23517 No effect.
      • Reattached heat sink (Coolermaster EVO 212) several times. No effect.
      • Tested heat sink with my old i5-4590, which runs fine and cool under 100% load. See picture 2.


      I'm thinking that thermal paste between cores and the IHS is not correctly installed and heat won't transfer to heat sink. Warranty until 09/2018. I have checked FTO and ATPO.


      About attached pictures: Temperature monitoring by HWiNFO64, temps from left to right 1:current 2:min 3:max 4:avarage