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    Flash memory increase for D2000



      is there a way to add flash memory above the std 32k? Ie adding external flash?

      If so, please recommend a module and process.


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          Hello martinhain,


          It is possible to use an external flash memory with the board but you will have to program the entire interface of how you would read the data stored on this memory. I mean, there is no official support for any external flash memory but if you find one that is compatible with one of the D2000's interfaces you might be able to control it using the API provided on QMSI.


          This is a very interesting project, I encourage you to try it and share your experience with the community. Also, I suggest you to check aleesi ’s post in Re: External Flash for Program Code .



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            Mike Hibbett

            Hi martinhain,


            External flash memory can be connected to the standard SPI bus, but it would not be extending the internal memory, just providing non-volatile memory which can be read and written to via the SPI bus. Any flash memory part that can operate at the same supply voltage as the D2000 should work.





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