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    Arduino Development Roadmap...




      Starting at

      IoT - Intel® Galileo Board Get Started Guide | Intel® Software

      the "Arduino Development Path", i.e.


      Step 1: Choose Your Operating System

      Let us know which OS you are on to customize your setup instructions.




      Step 2: Choose Your Development Environment (IDE)

      Choose between Arduino*, Intel® XDK IoT Edition for JavaScript*, Intel® System Studio IoT Edition for C and C++ , or Intel® System Studio IoT Edition for Java. We'll walk you through the different setup configurations depending on which programming environment you choose.



      (select Arduino here) does not include sketch persistency, does it?


      Would it be "reasonable" to add a "persistency step" previous to current Step 6: Get Sensors in the current guide?


      I'm not asking for it to be included in the Intel website, I'm trying to figure out if there is something explicit and useful to add for sketch persistency in the step-by-step getting-started guide.