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    CPU fan issue




      I have Toshiba stellite U500-11F with intel core 2 due T6500 <http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=39311> and I got a problem with Linux
      After grub launch the OS, my cpu fan switch off and it never switch on anymore.
      Sometimes when the CPU is heat it just turned on for 2sec...


      I tried to add "acpi=off" on the line of linux. in /boot/grub/menu.lst
      The fan doesn't turn on.


      Well, let's say that for the moment, the only one that really works correctly is Windows 7 RC 64bits. With this OS, I get everything work fine including full use of the 4 Go of RAM. Regarding the other operating systems, here is a summary of my tests:

      • Ubuntu / Kubuntu 9.04 64bits : works BUT there is still a fan issue that makes the laptop quickly hot even if you just browse the web. I've tried to install Toshiba extensions given in the repositories, but it doesn't give anything more. That's sad because I really like Kubuntu as a day-to-day working environment (efficient, clean and somehow beautifull - at least better than Windows 7's desktop).


      • Fedora 11 - KDE4 64 bits : well, doesn't give you anything more that Kubuntu except that you don't have the bluetooth working after fresh install. You have the same issue on fan speed as Kubuntu. So it is of no interest.


      • OpenSuse 11.1 KDE 64 bits : as well as for Fedora, you don't get anything interesting from it. You have the same fan issue as other linux distributions.


      You guys can help me,