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    Does Microsoft have all files i have?


      Idk if this is the right place to ask this, but here i go.

      i have windows 10 32 bit. offline account. i am working On a video game. i am Wondering if Microsoft can take it if they want, i dont want it to be Leeked To anyone before it is finished.  If they can, how do i prevent this?  Or can intel take it! I am worried about them taking it.

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          Al Hill

          You might as well ask anyone passing you on the street.  However, I will try - Microsoft, Intel, and any other legitimate company whose software and hardware resides on your machine is not in the business of "taking" software from their customers - period.  Collecting data on Windows 10 users; well, that is a different subject.


          What can you do to prevent them from doing so?  Well, I suppose there is nothing you can do, short of not being connected to the net and going off grid.  If some company, or government, or competitor, or hacker really wanted what you have, they could take it as long as ethics were not the issue.


          Seriously, open the window and shades, get a good nights sleep, socialize with friends, and you will be ok.


          As always, all standard disclaimers apply.


          Doc (not an Intel employee)

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            Intel Corporation
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            I concur with Al Hill.
            Please check the link below that may help preventing cyber attacks: