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    sr2600urbrp falsasmp2



      There are two partworked servers:

      1. sr2600urlxr with no boot. Bad cooling is the reason. No beeps and 8led indication. system led is amber. With another type of PSU - 1544 and 1542 beeps with random of two volumes of sounds. Probably MB is failed.

      2. sr2600urbrp with no boot. 1544 and 1542 beeps. Probably PSUs are failed.

      Need to assemble server with SAS.

      With server 2. midplane, PSUs, processors replaced from 1., new RAM installed.

      It's started, but no midplane BIOS screen appears (like "press CTRL+G for enter setup"). In main BIOS no entries for SAS - only onboard SATA. And no any info about DVD in backplane.

      Firmware upgrades looks good. Versions in BIOS are changed.

      Googling show me intersting file in FRU firmware upgrade - MASTER.CFG. I modified it - remove set for sr2600urbrp and force "CHASSIS_MENU" for select URLX as target system.

      It's looks good, no errors messages while upgrade, but after reset no SAS yet and new upgrade with original MASTER.CFG shows URBRP again.


      Is there right way to add falsasmp2 to sr2600urbrp system?


      Also i'm not sure that falsasmp2 is not failed and i have no system to test it. But frontpanel buttons are worked, fans - rotated, cooler above SAS chip is warmed.

      And sorry for my english.


      UPD. There is RMM3 module onboard. FRU firmware detect urlx but no sas:

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          We regret to inform that the assistance we offer for the board is limited due to discontinuance. As an additional recommendation, test the first board without any memory installed looking for beep codes.1 5 4 4 beep codes are related to power so we suggest replacing either power supplies or power distribution board. To get the RAID BIOS make sure quiet boot is disabled in the BIOS and must have drives connected. Is always a good troubleshooting step take the board out of the chassis on a minimal configuration: