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    NUC and HDMI audio




      after upgrading one of my NUC (6i3) with WIndows 10 anniversary upgrade, sometimes I have problem with HDMI audio to my monitor that stop working.

      The speaker icon on the windows task bar present a red X and audio control are not working. It seems like if it doesn't see anymore the playback device.

      If you click on the icon it starts to troubelshoot and it says "Restarting your PC to finish installing drivers and updates" that will fix the problem until next time....


      I haven't figured out exactly when it happens. Today for example after plugging in a headphone (jack 3.5mm) and removing it, HDMI audio is lost. Some other times just letting the PC alone for a while. On windows event log I don't see errors around the time the problems happens.

      I already tried to uninstall and reinstall audio drivers without luck.

      Any ideas?