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    Changing out the motherboard


      I'm going to upgrade my current Intel motherboard with an Intel DP55SB and reuse the hard drives and DVD burner. What is the best way to do the upgrade? Will I need to do a clean install, or repair install of  Win 7? Or is there an easier way? Thanks!

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          The best way is :


          Remove the chipset drivers first then the video driver and audio driver, windows will say that you have to restart.


          Do not accept this but shut down the computer once all hardware related drivers are removed.


          Now place the new mainboard .


          Boot up the computer and then windows should be able to load, but the first boot will take much longer as windows will try to find drivers.

          Once windows desktop is visible:


          Install the chipset drivers, video drivers, audio drivers etc...


          If windows hangs at boot stage:


          Start the computer in safe mode.

          And look in the eventviewer tot the system logbook.

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