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    IIO and/or MRAA for Time-Sensitive SPI Data Acquisition


      Hi everyone!


      I've been working on a project using the Edison and was hoping to get some feedback from everyone. I'm trying to read data from an IMU (ADIS16448) by synchronizing to the "Data Ready" output on one of the IMU's DIOs. I'm hoping to use this data in a Java, so timing is critical.


      I found that ADI has IIO support for the IMU in the Linux kernel, so I attempted to re-compile it with new features without success. I'm not 100% sure what SPI port the IIO driver is expecting to use nor whether I should be able to see the device listed in /sys/bus/iio/devices/ even though it may or may not be present. In an attempt to get something working, I built some software based on MRAA to pull data from the sensor and pass it to Java using a network socket, but unfortunately the overhead and data loss is terrible. I'm not sure whether there are any SPI examples for triggering data reads using external interrupts, or whether any of this is possible from within Java.


      Does anyone have any suggestions?


      Thanks for your help!