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    I350 teaming on Windows 10 active/passive configuration


      I know that teaming is not supported for WIndows 10 at the moment by Intel drivers but maybe someone will have some info about my problem.


      I am trying to set NIC (I350) teaming in active/passive configuration - 2 NICs are connected, if link to one goes down, the other takes over.

      So, I have Windows 10 Enterprise machine with 4 onboard NICs. I am currently using only 2.

      I have successfully teamed 2 NICs by using the following command:

      New-NetLbfoTeam -Name Team -TeamMembers ethernet1,ethernet2


      Everything works that way but that is active/active configuration which doesn't work for me. I need active/passive configuration.

      I've tried to do that by using the following command:

      Set-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name ethernet1 -AdministrativeMode Standby


      this command fails with the following error:

      Set-NetLbfoTeamMember : One or more parameter values passed to the method were invalid.
      At line:1 char:1
      + Set-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name eth1 -AdministrativeMode Standby
      + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
          + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (MSFT_NetLbfoTea...DBCB57F957E4}"):root/StandardCi...tLbfoTeamMember) [Set-NetLbfoTeamMember], CimException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MI RESULT 4,Set-NetLbfoTeamMember


      Putting the names in quotes doesn't help either.

      Powershell is running with administrator privileges, all NICs are from the same chipset and I can not use Intel teaming because it is not supported on Windows 10 ("Intel(R) Advanced Network Services (Intel(R) ANS) Teams and VLANs are not supported on Microsoft* Windows* "). There is a sample of that cmdlet from the Microsoft page which is essentially the same so I don't think that the syntax is incorrect - "Set-NetLbfoTeamMember -Name "NIC4" -AdministrativeMode Standby"


      I have checked this page for the reference but without any help - https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj130857(v=wps.630).aspx


      Long story short - I can put 2 NICs in a team but can not make one passive.

      Any suggestions?