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    Will the "Intel PWLA8391GT" nic support Windows 7?


      I'm going to buy a new Intel PWLA8391GT network card for my Windows 7 box.


      Does this card support Win7? I could not find answer on web.



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          PWLA8391GT is the product code for an Intel® PRO/1000 GT Desktop Adapter. According to Is my Intel® Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 7*?, this adapter has a driver supplied as part of Windows 7. That means, the adapter will be recognized by Windows 7 and the driver will be automatically installed.

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            I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate on an Intel DP35DP motherboard. The onboard gig nic has only ever connected at 100M to my gig switch even though 3 other machines connect at the full gig speed.  I updated the BIOS on this machine, changed to a different port on the switch, still only connects at 100M.


            In my frustration I ordered in an Intel PWLA8391GT PCI gig nic to see if I could connect faster.  Windows 7 did not recognize the nic & there are no drivers on the Intel site to download for a manual install.





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              If Windows 7 cannot recoginize the adapter, then something strange is going on. The adapter is definitely supported with drivers that are part of Windows 7.


              Does anything new show up in the Windows device manager when you install the adapter? If Windows does not recognize the adapter, then you should still see an unknown device.


              If the adapter is not showing up at all, try plugging the adapter into a different slot.


              If the adapter shows up as an unknown device or unknown Ethernet controller try this:

              1. Open the device properties

              2. Go to the details tab

              3. In the "Property" dropdown list choose "Hardware Ids."


              You should see one of these strings in the Hardware Ids property:

              PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_107C&SUBSYS_13768086 for the retail version of the adapter or

              PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_107C&SUBSYS_14768086 for the OEM Generic version of the adapter.


              If the numbers you see for the adapter are different, then your adapter is likely defective or maybe the adapter is counterfeit.

              If you can't get the adapter to work or the adapter Ids are not correct, then I recommend returning the adapter to where you bought it as defective.

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                Thanks for getting back to me on this one, Mark.


                My Win7 Ultimate x64 doesn't see this Intel card no matter what slot I put it in, nor does it find it if I do a scan for hardware changes.  This is actually my 2nd Intel DP35DP motherboard since the 1st one was bad out of the box (on-board RAID functionality issue).  I suspect it is more of a MB or OS problem than a card problem, but will confirm that later today when I pop the card in an XP machine w/an Asus MB.  It's possible that the card is defective, but I doubt it is counterfeit as I bought it from NewEgg.