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    Grove problem.


      Apologies if I am using this forum incorrectly, but regardless I have a problem.


      I have the Grove Vibration sensor connected to Arduino Edison board and I have a processing script running for whenever I touch the sensor, a green light appears. Note: I don't use the sensor's library, I simply monitor the COM Port and whenever the value goes over 1000(when I touch it) the Edison serialPrint's 1. Pretty simple. Everything was going well and working perfectly yesterday, until today when it is acting weird. When I touch the sensor, the value stays the same (16-18), and when I let go, the value goes over 1000. It used to go over 1000 for as long as I touched it until I let go. Note, I have tried the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity.


      Anyone who has a solution or can find the problem is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.