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    NUC6i3SYB - Driver Problems


      I found other problems with the computer. I try constantly to install the latest drivers for my NUC, these are also installed, but when I look at the device manager, the old drivers are still on it and will not be updated on the latest drivers. Problem is the LAN driver and Intel Management Engine Driver consumers.



      I can some what I want, it does not work. There remain it the old drivers.



      I honestly do not know what to do yet.


      The following drivers relate to it:



      - Intel LAN driver: the latest version is the 21 See Appendix, that you may see what version is installed when I install your alleged Version 21st It's an Ancient version!



      - And Intel Management Engine as I have the version it and I try all the time to install the version, but it does not work.



      For all drivers, the installation goes through, but when I reboot the computer, are again the old drivers on it and not new.



      Because it is what oberfaul on my device!