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    Checking for AES-NI support in Ubuntu Linux


      i am having 2 machines having E5-2620 0 @2.0GHz CPU running Windows 2008 and Ubuntu 3.11.0-15-generic. I am running openssl 1.0.2h version and wanted to confirm if my ssl is able to use the AES-NI feature. For windows, i have tools like truecrypt, CPU-Z and blackbox and as per the output AES-NI is not enabled. I also found in some blogs that the same needs to be enabled in BIOS. When checked the BIOS settings, the option was not be found.


      However in linux i am unable to conclude if AES-NI is disabled since i don't have access to any such tools on linux. I checked "#cpuinfo | grep aes" and i was unable to find any line regarding AES-NI. However when i run the ./openssl speed -evp aes-128-gcm and OPENSSL_ia32cap="~0x200000200000000" ./openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-128-gcm i am able to find the difference in speed. So i wanted to check how to confirm if my linux build has AES-NI enabled or not?


      So, i have 2 questions.


      1) For my windows machine, how to enable the support for AES-NI in windows machine

      2) How to check if AES-NI is enabled or not in my Ubuntu Linux machine.