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    Yet another question about the USB Internal Header Cable (NUC6i3SYH)


      I have a new NUC6i3SYH (using Win 10 so no issue with drivers).

      Looking inside I can see the TWO USB 2.0 header sockets.

      Each appears to be 4 pin. White in colour.

      So I figure I need two cables to use the extra USB ports.

      Each cable will have a 4-pin plug that fits the board header at one end and a female USB socket at the other.

      Where can I purchase such cables?

      Reading the other threads it appears that Intel do not provide these cables.

      The Intel NUC specs seem only to show a 10 pin header on the mobo.

      I can't find any spec that describes my mobo. Is it non-standard?

      If there are suppliers of the cable, are there any in Europe?

      Thank you