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    OTA Firmware Upgrade without Computer




      I want to upgrade the firmware on my Intel Edison by hisself.


      The old way is to copy the extracted files from the downloaded archive to the virtual USB Flash Drive (Edison).

      Then you need to run "reboot ota" over ssh or serial connection and the upgrade is going to start (without the help of a computer).


      Because the firmware is too big (> 1.4 GB) for the virtual Flash Drive (768 MB)

      today, you start the firmware upgrade from the computer by running the script "./flashall.sh"


      But i want to update the edison without a computer.

      I tried to copy the compressed zip image to the virtual usb drive and run

           configure_edison --flashFile <path>

      but it didn't workd (an error something like "Cannot setup loop device" occured)


      Then i tried do run directly

           configure_edison --upgrade

      but it also cancled with error:


           Could not determine firmware version information.

           Could not upgrade device firmware. Quitting.

           <type 'exceptions.IndexError'>

           list index out of range


      Do anyone have an idea how to upgrade edison firmware without a computer?


      Thank you very much!
      Best regards


      PS: Sorry for my bad english


      PPS: To say it short: I want to do a firmware upgrade without a computer, just per remote connection and if need: per external flash drive (like usb stick or sd card).

      Because later, i want to put it in a case that isn't openable.