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    RAID-5 reports as degraded, but all drives normal.

      I have a three-drive, RAID-5 array on my ICH8R/ICH9R/ICH10R/DO/5 Series/3400 Series SATA Controller.

      I'm running W7-x64-Home Premium


      The storage console reports that the array is degraded, but all the drives are there, and they all report as 'Normal'.


      Any ideas? Can this status be overridden?


      Some Background:


      A few days ago, I had a drive failure reported (drive-1). It's a brand new drive, so I tried marking as normal and waiting for the rebuild. (Probably a timeout problem).


      (The rebuild was excrutiatingly slow, but that may be a separate issue).


      Sometime during the rebuild I rebooted, and drives 0 and 2 reported as failed at the boot screen. I could clear these flags, the array status went back to 'Rebuilding' and the system booted normally (it was still apallingly slow).


      This morning, the array was no longer 'rebuilding', just 'degraded'.  I was using the 8.9 driver, and I recently installed the 9.5 driver, but it didn't seem to help.