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    Accessing GPIO without sysfs


      Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum, but i'm look to be a active user, so i hope it won't be the last


      So, i'm executing programs on Galileo Gen 2 executing them directly using ssh. I see that topic bellow about achieve better timings to interact with the GPIO of the Galileo, but is available only cross-compiling through the Arduino IDE.


      Re: I/O speeds?


      So when i'm doing my research, i found this other topic

      digitalWrite and MRAA digitalWrite


      about building this features in libmraa, but in this case is for Edison. And i didn't understand well in the topic ( i'm not from a country with english as a native language ) if this feature was been added to the master branch or not. After that, my questions are : The MRAA lib have features for fast GPIO accessing? if yes, how can i use it?  if not, have anyone already did this and can share some information or even a library ? (Can be in any language, but is preferred to be in C++)




      Please help me to achieve this performance with Galileo D:


      Thanks in advance!