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    Remove missing drive from rebuilt RAID 1 array


      I've just had a RAID 1 configuration degrade. It was indicated by Intel Rapid Storage Technology that a drive had failed (one of two) in a RAID 1 array of two 2 TB drives. I promptly switched in a new matching drive and the array recognized it and started rebuilding when I confirmed that I wanted the array rebuilt. But there remains a kind of a 'ghost' of the removed drive and I can't find any way to remove this phantom drive from the BIOS level configuration or the software on Windows (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit). Searching around, I can't find much of anything resembling an answer either. I'm surprised at how difficult this appears. The drive has been removed and replaced. The replacement is recognized fine. Why would there be this phantom drive?


      If it should matter, the rebuild is not yet complete.


      This is on an MSI mainboard H67MA-E35. The RAID 1 is not the system drive, it is just storage.