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    since support is not working


      Hi, well i have problems with my intel processor i7 4790k, i am getting high temperatures and thermal throttling on stock settings in bios. I have an asrock z97 fatality killer x motherboard and in default settings without multicore enabled on all cores and turbo booost on it sky rockets to 100 celsius in 30 sec. In bios with multicore enabled,turbo boost on also 100 celsius.Even with turbo boost of with multicore enabled on all cores i get those high temps. So i would like eather to return processor for a fix,or to get replacment from you. And to be honest i bought two aftermarket coolers to try to cool this processor,cooler master 612 ver 2 and hyper evo 212,all of those temperatures are measured with those coolers.Voltages are untouched,processor isnt overclocked,programs that ive using were intel extreme utility,aida 64 professional,real temp.Really i dont know what else to do than to ask you to return you processor for a fix or for a replacement.Best regards from Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Mario.