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    DisplayPort connected display will not remain in standby or suspend


      NUC6i5SYH running latest BIOS with Dell P2715Q (revision A03) connected via DisplayPort


      To easily reproduce, set "turn off the display" to 1 minute and allow the display to sleep. The display will wake up after 15 seconds, then go back into standby. This will repeat over and over. If speakers are connected, the Windows device disconnection and reconnection sound will play over and over.


      I have confirmed this behavior in Windows 10 with every available Intel graphics driver version available. I have performed a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro from MSDN over a dozen times with different permutations of driver sets and configuration settings.


      This behavior does not occur in Linux with the exact same hardware configuration (all DPMS settings work perfectly). The display has also been tested and sleeps properly with a MacBook Pro connected via DisplayPort. I have tried new DisplayPort cables. I have even tried disabling DDC/CI on the display and digging around in the registry for obscure Intel graphics related settings.


      Everything suggests a driver defect at this point.


      Would appreciate any suggestions!