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    Can't get Wireless-N from WiFi Link 1000 BGN


      Got Intel WiFi Link 1000 BGN in my laptop but I'm not getting wireless-N  speeds (only 54 Mbps/wireless-G). My router is wireless-N (D-Link DIR-655) and my desktop using a Ralink RT2870 USB  adapter is connecting just fine at wireless-N (270 Mbps). I tried all  modes on the router for wireless-N (mixed mode bgn, mixed mode gn and n  only) and nothing. Actually the WiFi Link 1000 BGN wouldn't connect at  all when the router was in n only mode. In the NIC's properties I made  sure "802.11n Mode" is set to Enabled and I toggled the "802.11n Channel  Width for band 2.4" setting between 20 MHz only and Auto and still I  only get G speeds.

      The latest drivers are installed for the WiFi Link 1000  ( and are 64-bit and I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

      Any ideas?