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    Galileo 2 support for kernel 4.1.17 Distro 2.0.2 branch jethro.


      Hello everyone.


      We are currently use the poky of Jethro branch ,


      we add the meta-intel layer inside our poky and change the MACHINE = "intel-quark" and create the core-image-minimal image.

      and build image is successfully run on Galileo 2 board.

      it has no any other hardware support like i2c,SPI,GPIO,etc.........


      below is just my bit-bake command output for reference.



      cmd :

                    bitbake core-image-minimal



      Build Configuration:

      BB_VERSION        = "1.28.0"

      BUILD_SYS         = "x86_64-linux"

      NATIVELSBSTRING   = "Ubuntu-14.04"

      TARGET_SYS        = "i586-poky-linux"

      MACHINE           = "intel-quark"

      DISTRO            = "poky"

      DISTRO_VERSION    = "2.0.2"

      TUNE_FEATURES     = "m32 i586-nlp"






      Now we add the all the peripheral support likes gpio,i2c,spi and etc..... on our poky.


      So please support us.....


      Thanks in advance.