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    i7K+H170 not full usage even on CPU-Z


      Hi, I got an i7 6700k but a H170 chipset. I know it's not the best combination, but at the very least should not it perform stock standard? I'm getting 65%-85% CPU usage most of the time, and in CPU-Z the performance for multithreading is WAY below the reference processor. BIOS tweaking/updates all do not help at all, they make no difference as if the options don't actually do anything. I've complained to the brand, and asked for warranty and I'm getting very little response and help, and I think that's just darn right outrageous. I'm pretty sure the socket is not properly compatible but the manufacturer did say it was compatible in their list. I am even ashamed to look and use this piece of junk, because even my previous cheap AMD system would rock this current "solution". So the motherboard is ASRock Fatal1ty H170 Performance. I'm confident there is nothing more I can do to get the proper performance out of this processor, but this support forum I suppose is my final cry for help, if there's anything that can be done at all, to get this processor working the way it should.

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