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    How to make Mcafee solidify system with write protected


      You must enable the Mcafee Solidifier.

      Run this command:


      $ sadmin enable


      Then reboot your system


      After reboot your system, you can write protect your system.


      Specify the complete paths to the components to be write-protected. Paths can

      include the wildcard character (*). However, it can only represent one complete path



      On Linux, using /abc/*/def is allowed while /abc/*.sh, /abc/*.*, or

      /abc/doc.* is not allowed.


      For example:


      $ sadmin write-protect -i /etc/ (Linux)


      To remove write protection applied to specific components.


      When you specify the file path, write protection applied to all files in the

      specified path is removed.

      Specify the complete path to the file, directory, or drive to be removed from

      write protection.


      For example:


      $ sadmin write-protect -r /etc/ (Linux)


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