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    Shh edison over wifi


      Hi all,


      I try to SSH to edison over wifi but failed

      I read many topics and follow their intruction but it doesn't work.


      my current version is:

      configure_edison --version



      I try   ssh root@my_edison.local

      and it return : _ssh: Could not resolve hostname my_edison.local: Name or service not known



      thank you and regards,


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          Your ssh client cannot resolve the ip address from the name my_edison.local.

          Find out the IP address of your edison with


          The address should be after the wlan0: prompt in the output.

          Then try

          ssh root@<IP address>


          Have you set a password for your root user? SSH over WiFi will not work without it.

          Use the configure_edison to define the password, the linux command passwd is not enough.

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            hi if,


            Thank you for your reply


            I have used configure_edison --setup and setup password again but still cannot enter ssh root@my_edison.local over wifi


            I can tracking my Edison IP through router and use ssh root@my_ip to enter. But it's so inconvenient.


            I want to ssh to my ID name so that I don't have to check the IP of edison everytime I log in.


            thank you and regards,


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              Then it is more like a name resolution problem.


              If yo don't want to go as far as installing some local name server, the simplest way is (assuming you use a Linux client), adding a line to your client's /etc/hosts configuration file:

              <IP address of Edison - shown by ifconfig>     my_edison.local

              For instance:


              From now on you can use the name my_edison.local in the stead of the IP address.


              However it only lasts as long as the IP address of the Edison remains the same. To ensure it, you can define a static IP address in the Edison system, or even better let the router do it:

              Enter the configuration menu of your router, find the address reservation menu (may as well be as "DHCP lease") and reserve an IP address with the MAC address of your Edison. (MAC is also shown by ifconfig).

              Once you set it, whenever the Edison asks for an IP address, it will be given the same IP address.


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                Hi if,


                You mean the /etc/hosts in edison ?


                I open it and see :       localhost.localdomain           localhost



                Then I add one more line in the line :

             localhost.localdomain           localhost



                And I make to be a Static IP address for Edison.


                Then I reboot Edison. But still can't log in by ssh root@my_edison.local

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                  No, you should modify /etc/hosts on the desktop machine. The one you use to ssh to the edison.

                  (In this relation edison is the ssh server, and the desktop machine from where you log onto the edison, is the client.)


                  The principle is that you set up a tiny local name resolution immediately on your desktop machine.

                  When you refer to my_edison.local, the name will be replaced with the ip address locally. Then the real network communication will use this ip address in the background.


                  This method only works verbatime if your desktop runs linux. For a Win desktop you can find a howto here:



                  The downside of this method is that this has to be set on each desktop client, but if you use only a few of them, it is not a big issue.


                  The edison does not have to have this in /etc/hosts, since it does not want to refer to itself.

                  (If so, the name "localhost" is used.)



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                    Thank you Istvan,


                    I configed the IP of edison to Static IP and I'm satisfied with it.


                    I don't have to look up the IP of Edison anymore. That is all I need


                    Thank you and regards,