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    Weird install problem HD 4000 with GEforce 650M on HP DV7-7012: black screens


      I've got an HP laptop running Win7 Pro (64 bit) with hardware known to be good (dual-boot proves it), but a weird problem occurred when I did a driver update.  Now the screens are all black if the HD 4000 driver is active.

      If the Intel display adaptor is enabled, all the screens go black as soon as the windows login screen appears (or, actually, doesn't appear).  The boot sequence is fine, but of course that uses the default non-PnP VGA driver.  Once the screens have gone black, even a reboot won't make them come back (i.e., the BIOS screens are also black).  I have to physically remove all power for a few seconds to reset whatever bit is stuck the wrong way.

      When the screens are black, PnP will detect if a monitor is plugged/unplugged (the "bing-bong" sound occurs), but nothing is displayed (the monitor LED may be on, but all the pixels are turned solidly off). 

      Tried a variety of driver versions (both for the Intel gfx and the Nvidia, as well as drivers from the HP site), uninstalled/reinstalled/rebooted several times.

      The only way I can use my machine now is to disable the Intel graphics chip, which effectively disables the Nvidia as well...that gets me back to the "safe VGA" dumb graphics mode.  No multiple displays (normally, I use three).  Also, no suspend (which depends upon real drivers).

      Possible theories, given all the testing I've done:

      • Intel chip has some configuration data stored somewhere that puts it into no-display mode.  Is there some utility or regedit hack that could test / correct this?
      • Intel driver is not properly connecting to the monitors' drivers--something is missing or corrupted.  Ditto with the utility/regedit question.
      • Intel driver is not properly connecting to the Nvidia drivers, hence it has "no input".  Ditto again.
      • Intel driver is fine, Nvidia driver is messed, hence no output delivered and Intel chip is properly rendering a whole lot of nothing.  Again with the ditto
      • I'm stupid and I've missed something obvious.  The remedy here is your responses!

      Going crazy with the prospect of having to reinstall windows just to make the graphics adaptor work.