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    Graphics Driver Error in Intel HD Graphics 4400 - Also Can't Update


      I have an Asus UX303LN with a Intel® Core™ i7-4510U Processor with Intel HD Graphics 4400. Windows 10 64 bits.


      I’ve been having this error with my Graphics Driver.


      I uninstall the driver. I scan for hardware changes.

      Version from 17/07/2015.

      I try to update it through Windows, I can’t. I’m up to date.


      I use the Intel Driver Update Utility 2.6:



      Intel® Iris™, Iris™ Pro, and HD Graphics Production Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit (Not the latest version)

      Date: 5/8/2015

      Link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25150/Intel-Iris-Iris-Pro-and-HD-Graphics-Production-Driver-for-Windows-10-64-bit


      Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 [15.33] (Not the latest version)

      Date: 29/7/2015

      Link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/25188/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-33-


      Neither is the latest version. And my processor (i7-4510U) is not in the valid products list from the official page of the driver.


      I try to install it anyway. This happens:




      So I try to get the latest version.


      Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 [15.40][4th Gen]

      Version: (Latest)

      Date: 6/17/2016

      Link: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26079/Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-10-15-40-4th-Gen-?product=80939


      And my processor is in the valid products list! Seems perfect, right?




      To recap:

      Windows tells me everything’s fine.

      The Intel Driver Update Utility gives me two older drivers that don’t install.

      The latest driver from the Intel website also refuses to install.


      Meanwhile, this happened again:




      I just want to update my driver and stop getting errors. It shouldn't be this hard. Hope you can help.