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    Convert temeprature to *C



      What am I doing wrong. I believe i properly converted the code (Arduino -> C) from that example:

      Grove - Temperature Sensor V1.2 - Wiki

      or even (Python -> C)

      Grove_Starter_Kit_for_BBG/grove_temperature_sensor.py at master · Seeed-Studio/Grove_Starter_Kit_for_BBG · GitHub


      but I think that values are wrong.


      Here my code:


      int get_temp_in_celcius(void)
        const int B=4255;
        int a;
          a = mraa_aio_read(temp);
          float R = 1023.0/((float)a)-1.0;
          R = 100000.0*R;
          float temperature=1.0/(log(R/100000.0)/B+1/298.15)-273.15; // looks ok: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/images/a/a1/NCP18WF104F03RC.pdf
         printf("temp: %f\n",temperature);
         return 20; /*I know*/


      It prints about 15*C  but I know here is much hotter.


      I would appreciate any support.



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          Hi Pawek,

          I believe the code translated to C should look like the following:

          #include <stdio.h>
          #include <unistd.h>
          #include <math.h>
          #include "mraa/aio.h"

          int main()  
           mraa_aio_context adc_a0;
           float adc_value = 0.0;
           const int B=4255;

           adc_a0 = mraa_aio_init(0);
              if (adc_a0 == NULL) 
                  return 1;

              for (;;) 
            adc_value = mraa_aio_read_float(adc_a0);

            float R = 1023.0/(adc_value)-1.0;
            R = 100000.0*R;
            float temperature=1.0/(log(R/100000.0)/B+1/298.15)-273.15;
            printf("It is : %f\n degrees",temperature);

           return MRAA_SUCCESS;  

          Nevertheless, I don't have access to that sensor so I didn't try it. I did compile it and run it, but as expected the values were negative (~-90) because there was nothing connected. The ADC should be working but I'm not sure about the math, I just copied and pasted that part.

          I hope this helps.

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            Hi Peter,


            I think our codes are almost exactly the same.

            Except that you use mraa_aio_read_float(adc_a0); and I mraa_aio_read(temp) so I compared it:


            As you can see my temperature readings are also wrong even thought I have plugged temp sensor in.

            My aios initialization are in separated function, nevertheless it is called before get_temp_in_celcis().


            Thanks for support,







            Ok, I changed VCC to 5 V. Now my algorithm (with reading to int) seems to return proper values.