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    DC3217IYE powers off instead of reboot


      I seem to be having the opposite problem of most people.


      Whenever I initiate a reboot, whether it is:

      - A graceful reboot from the OS

      - An F10 or cancel out of the BIOS

      - A ctrl-alt-del during bootup...


      ...The NUC powers off, it does not reboot.  It is set to 'power on' if power is lost, and I know that piece works because if I lose power in the house (or pull the power manually) it will power back on when power is restored.


      So -- in a nutshell, my NUC will not reboot and requires manual intervention.


      It is 100% repeatable, but only occurs on *ONE* of two identical NUCs, purchased at the same time and place.  The BIOS settings and version are identical, and I just updated to the latest version (GK0058.BIO).  I have also swapped all of the internal components (RAM, M2, USB flash, power brick) to determine if they could be the cause, but the problem stayed with the original NUC.


      Another interesting fact:  If I remove the (one) jumper that came with the NUC, I lose video, but I can see via the LEDs & fan that the unit itself does go into a reboot loop, so it clearly has the capability of rebooting.


      I have run out of capacity in my home lab and am wanting to purchase some more NUCs, but the number of BIOS/power problems I'm reading about has me concerned...