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    RSS mode in FM10K


      Hi, everyone


      I'm testing our FM10K board with DPDK.


      I want to run testpmd example with RSS option enabled.


      The command used in the test is as follows :


      ./testpmd -c 0x00fe00fe -n 4 -- -i --portmask=0x3 --nb-cores=8 --numa --rxq=2 --txq=2


      But, I found that all packets were gathered in just 1 queue, and the hash values of Rx BD  in all packets were 0.


      Could you let me know what's wrong in my RSS option?



      As far as I know, the RSS in fm10k is enabled by default.


      I made sure that hash function was IPv4 and TcpIpv4 and MRQC was set, the intel key was set as secret key (40bytes),


      and reta was set by default.


      We did not modified the sour code and used it as default.


      Thanks in avance.





      Jeong-Hwan Kim