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    Could Intel send me a copy of the SSD 750 product spec PDF file withOUT PDF Security Password?


      Hi there,


      I just bought a few 400GB SSD 750 2.5" NVMe drives.

      On the box, it says "Version#: H86950-202" and the S/N all start with "CVCQ52..." and ends with "...400CGN".

      (Please send me private email for the full SN, I have bought four of this SSD 750 NVMe 2.5" drives.)


      I downloaded the ssd-750-spec.pdf file from this Intel site:



      I am collecting the SMART logs from the drives and would like to copy from the pdf file, Table 13 "SMART Attributes (Log Identifier 02h)" into an excel spreadsheet and then plug the actual SMART log data from the drive to the same spreadsheet.


      However, for some unfathomable reason Intel had placed a edit/copy password on this publicly available ssd-750-spec.pdf file, which was created for its customers' benefit, I thought.

      WHY password protection this pdf file???!! !

      Intel is even showing the said pdf file in a PDF Reader web plugin here:

      Intel® SSD 750 Series Product Specification

      and all the text and image in the web viewer could be copied.


      However, if I just copied the PDF file text from the browser plug-in, I had to reformat the text into a table.

      It'll just waste me some precious time.


      It would be really helpful if I could have access to a password-free version of the "ssd-750-spec.pdf" file.